We invest in Seed to Series A climate and sustainability companies, leveraging Octane’s LaunchPad accelerator, staffed by industry experts from Sustain SoCal, to accelerate progress and amplify impact.


We have a strong, experienced team and are geographically located where there is a strong ecosystem of founders, capital sources, and motivated public and industry partners.

Octane OC


Octane is home to the LaunchPad Accelerator, as well as a vast network of partners, conference series, and Enterprise Solutions. The Accelerator has proprietary analytics as well as an 80% graduate funding rate.

Sustain SoCal


Sustain SoCal offers connections to climate and sustainability experts including corporations, governments, universities, utilities, professional services, and more.

Accelerating Progress


We aim to add value from our first conversation through commercialization and scaling. Founders will find us via the Octane and Sustain OC networks, or independently.

Founders can be located anywhere.

Upon proceeding through Octane’s LaunchPad accelerator, companies are matched with an advisor with deep knowledge in the relevant sector.

Commercialization is supported with Octane’s Capital and Growth team and connections to potential customers, acquirers, and exits.


Our Theory of Change

Impact Framework & Assessment


Octane Capital & Growth


Octane offers consulting services through Capital & Growth, a platform with Capital Formation, advisory services, and peer groups.

Capital Formation includes syndication for current and future rounds with other VC, intros to PE for growth funding or exit, introductions to strategic investors for product feedback and possible exit, and investment banking partnerships

The Capital & Growth Advisory Services cover functional expertise such as finance, sales, marketing, government regulation, PR, legal, financial operations, benefits and HR, and talent acquisition.

Peer groups are a mentorship system for CEO and team collaboration and development.

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