We’re living in a moment of unprecedented challenges, transformation, and opportunity.


To meet the moment, we’re backing visionary founders who have the courage to build a sustainable world.


Our mission is to fight climate change by supporting companies that are deploying the most impactful climate technologies, mitigating gigatons of greenhouse gases, or delivering sustainable solutions.


We support companies with Octane’s LaunchPad Accelerator and providing coaches and mentors via pairings with industry experts from Sustain SoCal.

At Elevation Ventures, we believe that solving the climate crisis will take a team effort. This is why we leverage the vast networks of Octane and Sustain SoCal to coach and mentor founder teams and connect them with industry and public agencies in our network. These connections create virtuous feedback loops that benefit all involved and achieve meaningful impact.



  • Urban transport

  • Energy storage, distribution, utilization, & optimization (IoT, AI)
  • EV fleet management, charging & battery management systems 


  • Sustainable food production

  • Production sensors & analytics

  • Automation & decarbonization

  • Process electrification

  • Food waste and water scarcity


  • Building efficiency

  • CO2 mitigation, capture, sequestration, and removal

  • Carbon footprint intelligence and reporting

  • Climate investing and finance

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